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Armor consists of body armor, headgear and masks that Jin Sakai can wear throughout the game. There are a total of 13 (formerly 14) armor sets, 53 headbands, 32 hats, 16 helmets and 40 half masks, and 9 full masks which can be acquired. It should be noted that only armor sets will provide Jin with different abilities and perks; all other gear is purely cosmetic. The different armor equipped favors the style of gameplay – for example, archery fans might prefer Tadayori's Armor and fans of stand-offs might prefer the Sakai Clan Armor.

Every set of armor, besides the Broken Armor can be upgraded to enhance the abilities they provide. Furthermore, each set of armor, besides the Ronin Attire, Fundoshi, Mongol Commander's Armor, Hero of Tsushima Armor and Deadly Rival's Attire will change in appearance upon being upgraded. It should be noted that after the third level has been achieved, further upgrades will no longer alter the appearance of the outfit, but the armor can be changed to it's previous appearance prior to the upgrade.

Armor Sets[]



  • Aozora Headband (Behind Sensei Ishikawa's Dojo)
  • Band of the Second Son (On top of the pagoda at Omi Monastery)
  • Clear Summer Headband (Reward for completing The End of Suffering)
  • Chaos Headband (Reward for completing This Threefold World)
  • Chikurin Headband (On an abandoned boat south of River Child’s Wetlands in Tsutsu)
  • Crooked Kama Headband (On top of the pagoda at Jogaku Temple)
  • Eye of the Explorer (East of Old Gambler's Wood, Shattered Cliffs - On the corpse of a raider)
  • Fierce Warrior's Headband (Izuhara Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Flight of the Dragon
  • Forgemaster's Headband (On top of the Swordsmith building at Komatsu Forge)
  • Ghost Headband (Received during From the Darkness)
  • Gosaku's Headband (Received during The Unbreakable Gosaku)
  • Gyozen's Blindfold (Watchtower near Kubara Lighthouse)
  • Haiku Headbands:
    • Headband of Acceptance
    • Headband of Death (Tsutsu Haiku)
    • Headband of Defeat (Komoda Haiku)
    • Headband of Fear (Kashine Haiku)
    • Headband of Hope (Sago Haiku)
    • Headband of the Invasion (Azamo Haiku)
    • Headband of Peace (Hiyoshi Haiku)
    • Headband of Perseverance (Umugi Haiku)
    • Headband of Preservation (Kushi Haiku)
    • Headband of Rebirth (Kubara Haiku)
    • Headband of Refuge (Ariake Haiku)
    • Headband of Regret (Wisteria Haiku)
    • Headband of Ruin (Kin Haiku)
    • Headband of Serenity (Hiyoshi Springs Haiku)
    • Headband of Solace
    • Headband of Strength (Jogaku Haiku)
    • Headband of Strife (Komatsu Haiku)
    • Headband of Survival (Otsuna Haiku)
    • Headband of Uncertainty (Akashima Haiku)
  • Healer's Headband (Second floor of the burnt pagoda at Akashima Village)
  • Hinode Headband (Izuhara Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Kensei Headband (Received during The Six Blades of Kojiro)
  • Kyoto Twilight Headband (Izuhara Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Natural Vengeance Headband (On top of Ariake Lighthouse)
  • Nature's Rhythm (In a chest on Nakajima Island)
  • Night Ocean Headband (Toyotama Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Noble Fighter's Headband (Reward for completing Ghosts in the Fog)
  • Petals' Caress
  • Plum Blossom Headband (On top of the pagoda at Kushi Temple)
  • Plumes of Plenty (Iki Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Prowling Tiger
  • Pure Intent Headband (White Dye Merchant: 20 Flowers)
  • Raider Captain's Headband (Reward for completing Massacre at Kidafure Village)
  • Sago Blue Headband (On top of the pagoda at Cedar Temple)
  • Serpent Strike Headband (Toyotama Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Sign of the Hunter (Complete the Forbidden Shrine)
  • Sly Dealer (Iki Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Tora Headband (Toyotama Merchants: 5 Flowers)
  • Warrior's Sunset Headband (On top of the pagoda at the Golden Temple)
  • White Headband (Default)


  • Gosaku's Helmet (Received during The Unbreakable Gosaku)
    • Gosaku's Helmet - Improved
    • Gosaku's Helmet - Refined
  • Hero of Tsushima Helmet (Digital Deluxe Edition/Upgrade)
  • Mongol Helmet (Received during Fit for the Khan)
  • Samurai Clan Helmet (Upgrade the Samurai Clan Armor to Rank II)
    • Samurai Clan Helmet - Refined
  • Sakai Clan Helmet (Received during Ghosts from the Past)
    • Sakai Clan Helmet - Improved
    • Sakai Clan Helmet - Refined
  • Sarugami Helmet (Received during The Legend of Black Hand Riku)
    • Sarugami Helmet - Improved
    • Sarugami Helmet - Refined
  • Helm of War (Complete the Shrine of Ash)
  • Helm of the Lower World
  • Raider Helmet



Full Masks[]


Upgrading armor sets increases various stats and changes the visual look. While in the menu, the player can choose any 3 versions of a particular armor set by pressing triangle - the upgraded stats remain the same.

The following armor cannot be upgraded until New Game+: Fundoshi, Hero of Tsushima and Mongol Commander's Armor. All other armor sets can be upgraded with the following resources:

Armor Upgrades
Level Supplies Linen Leather Silk
2 500 10
3 750 20 10
4 1000 30 20 6

Armor Dye Kits[]

Armor dye kits are either awarded for completion of a quest or can be purchased from various Merchants for 10 Flowers each. Dye kits are for cosmetic purposes only and do not provide any bonuses, stats or techniques. The Hero of Tsushima Armor has no dyes, beyond the default

Broken Armor[]


Ghost Armor[]

Gosaku's Armor[]

Kensei Armor[]

Ronin Attire[]

Sakai Clan Armor[]

Samurai Clan Armor[]

Sarugami Armor[]

Tadayori's Armor[]

Traveler's Attire[]

Mongol Commander's Armor[]