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The course of a battle can change in a moment. Victory and defeat are decided in the blink of an eye. A samurai must take every opportunity to train.

Hone your sword technique by slicing through a bamboo in a single strike.
― In-game description

Jin prepares to attempt a bamboo strike

Bamboo strikes are mini-games where the player must strike through bamboo poles with a specified button combination.


Upon finding a bamboo strike, Jin Sakai will attempt to cut through bamboo poles that are set up. Each pole requires a button press, picked from an assortment of face and shoulder buttons that the player must press within a short window of time (though a toggle in the accessibility menu removes this time limit under "Simplified Controls"; with no timelimit, the player will need to remember the combination of buttons to press as they do not appear on screen).

A bamboo strike comes into three stages. In the first stage, there is three poles for Jin to cut. Two more poles will be added in each stage, for a number of five and seven poles for the second and third stage respectively. Poles will maintain their buttons from their previous stage.

For every one, three, five, and seven bamboo strikes completed, Jin's maximum resolve will be increased by one. Completing all 16 bamboo strikes will grant the player with "Body, Mind, and Spirit" trophy.


There are 16 bamboo strikes on the island of Tsushima.


Izuhara contains 7 Bamboo Strikes.

Name Location Pattern
Ariake Bamboo Strike Houren's Pasture L1 X X X X L1 Square
Azamo Bamboo Strike Azamo Bay Circle Circle L1 L1 Square L1 L1
Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike Hiyoshi Springs L1 X X L1 Triangle Triangle L1
Kashine Bamboo Strike West of Wanderer's Pass L1 X Triangle L1 X Triangle X
Komatsu Bamboo Strike Near Komatsu Forge X L1 Square L1 X Circle Circle
Komoda Bamboo Strike Komoda Town L1 L1 Square L1 X L1 X
Tsutsu Bamboo Strike Rustling Bend Triangle X Triangle X X L1 Triangle


Toyotoma contains 6 Bamboo strikes.

Name Location Pattern
Akashima Bamboo Strike Near Fort Ito Square Square Square L1 Triangle Triangle L1
Kubara Bamboo Strike Between Serene Forest and Old Toyotama Hills Triangle X Triangle L1 X L1 Triangle
Kushi Bamboo Strike Benkei's Falls L1 Square Square Square Circle L1 Square
Otsuna Bamboo Strike Omi Village Circle Circle Triangle L1 Triangle Circle Circle
Umugi Bamboo Strike Umugi Cove X X L1 Triangle Triangle L1 Circle
Yarikawa Bamboo Strike Yarikawa Stronghold Square L1 X L1 Circle L1 Square


Kamiagata contains 3 Bamboo Strikes.

Name Location Pattern
Endless Forest Bamboo Strike Near the Kin Lighthouse Square Circle Square Triangle X L1 Triangle
Kin Bamboo Strike North of Kin Sanctuary Circle Circle L1 L1 L1 Triangle Triangle
Sago Bamboo Strike East of Sago Forest and to the Southeast of Sago Mill Square Square X X L1 Square X


Iki contains 4 Bamboo Strikes.

Name Location Pattern
Buddha's Footprints Bamboo Strike Budda's Footprints Square Circle Square Circle Square Circle X
Saru Island Bamboo Strike South-Eastern part of Saru Island X Square Triangle Circle X Square L1
Tatsu's Ladder Bamboo Strike West of Tatsu's Ladder Circle Circle L1 L1 L1 Triangle Triangle
Shipwreck Bamboo Strike Northeast of Yahata Forest Triangle Triangle X X Square Circle L1