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A duel in Samurai Cinema mode

Duels are narrative fight sequences in Ghost of Tsushima. The duels seen thus far have been one-on-one cinematic battles.

These duels happen against other expert swordsmen. They are driven from personality and get solved in the most cinematic ways.[1] Many of the duels are optional, as characters may turn against Jin Sakai during his quest.

There are 5 collectibles and you can unlock Mythical Techniques.

Jin's Journey[]

There are six duels in the main story, excluding a practice duel in a flashback to Jin's childhood.

  1. Prologue - Khotun Khan
  2. Act 1, Shadow of the Samurai - Ryuzo
  3. Act 2, The Ghost of Yarikawa - General Temuge
  4. Act 2, From the Darkness - rematch with Ryuzo
  5. Act 3, Eternal Blue Sky - rematch with Khotun Khan
  6. Act 3, The Tale of Lord Shimura - Lord Shimura

Tales of Tsushima[]

There are four side tale that have duels:

  1. Jinroku Duel - The Other Side of Honor
  2. Masako Duel - The Conspirator
  3. Altan Duel - Message in Blood
  4. Sanetoki Duel - A Thief of Innocence

Tales of Iki[]

There are three tales that have duels:

  1. The Viper Duel - The Ghost of Iki Island
  2. Khunbish Duel - The Lightning in the Storm
  3. The Eagle Duel - The Blessing of Death

Mythic Tales[]

Region 1: Izuhara[]

Region 2: Toyotama[]

  • The Spirit of Yarikawa's Vengeance, "Duel the Spirit" - The Spirit of Yarikawa
  • The Six Blades of Kojiro duels:
    • "Duel in the Drowning Marsh" - Yasumasa
    • "Duel Among the Spider Lilies" - Hirotsune
    • "Duel Under Falling Water" - Kiyoshi
    • "Duel of Crashing Waves" - Tomotsugu
    • "Duel Under Autumn Leaves" - Kanetomo
    • "Duel in the Mirror of Sacred Light" - Kojiro (after completing all five duels above)

Region 3: Kamiagata[]

Iki Island[]

Liberate outpost duels[]

There are 4 duels for liberating outposts.

  1. Warlord Harunori Duel
  2. Warlord Dogar Duel
  3. General Bartu Duel
  4. General Dogshin Duel


The opponents Jin faces in duels are some of the most skilled warriors in Tsushima, and thus they will be far more durable than regular enemies and exhibit far more variation in their combat styles, by incorporating kicks, shoulder charges and multiple attacks which cannot be blocked or parried. All enemies that Jin faces during duels will wield swords besides Khotun Khan, however the Mongol Warlords and Generals will also wield shields. When Jin engages in a duel, he will only be able to use his sword combat stances, along with the Heavenly Strike, the Dance of Wrath and the Ghost Stance. After dealing a certain amount of damage Jin will automatically lock swords with the opponent, briefly pausing the combat regardless of whether the opponent is staggered of if Jin is in the middle of a combo.

Despite the wide variety of enemies faced during duels, many will exhibit characteristics which are incredibly similar to their counterparts. The six Mongol Leaders faced during duels will all dual-wield shields and swords, and have the exact same attack combos. All Ronin besides Ryuzo will also possess the exact same combat techniques, and most opponents will perform Iajutsu during the duel, which can be anticipated once the opponent sheathes their sword. Most opponents will often perform the same variation of the unblockable attack, by either hopping from side to side before performing the attack or by executing a thrust. It should be noted that Jin will not be able to withdraw during the duel, and the only way for the duel to end is for one side to be defeated.