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You are more than that. You are the Ghost.
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Jin Sakai Ghost with Text

Jin Sakai as the Ghost

Ghost is a play style that the player can adopt, the other is the samurai. By completing tasks and stories you'll increase the Legend of the Ghost. The ghost uses underhanded techniques which the samurai consider dishonorable. The tactics use stealth attacks and special tools.[1]

Fear is a tool to manipulate enemies and sneak up to enemies. Some of them are frightening, and some are actually frightened. The dark mask is the ultimate icon that people fear.[2]

Backstory Edit

Nate Fox of Sucker Punch said Jin Sakai "was raised in the code of the Samurai and he has to give up some ideas of who he thought he was to become the Ghost to save his home, and without spoiling anything I can say he has to make some personal sacrifices in order to do what is right for the people of the island.”[3]

"Jin finds another way and inevitably becomes the Ghost to protect and save his people. The Ghost becomes a larger than life character. Feared by the invaders, loved by the locals as their protector. Fox elaborates that, "as the player you get to decide how the Ghost evolves and where you put in your skillpoints, what kind of armor you wear and upgrade, so it’s very customizable."[3]

Ghost weapons Edit

Ghost Jin Sakai Katana

Jin the Ghost

Kunai Edit

Upgrades: Hidden Blade, Serrated Blades

Black Powder Bomb Edit

Upgrades: Concussive Blast, Explosive Shrapnel

Smoke Bomb Edit

Upgrades: Blinding Dust, Healing Incense

Sticky bomb Edit

Upgrades: Guarded Throw, Explosive Powder

Wind Chime Edit

Upgrades: Firecracker

Evolving tactics Edit

Recover health Edit

Upgrades: Iron Will

Standoff Edit

Upgrades: Standoff Streak, Improved Standoff Streak

Archery Edit

Upgrades: Concentration, Mental Fortitude, Improved Mental Fortitude

Assassination Edit

Upgrades: Safe Landing, Chain Assassination, Chain Assassination Master

Focused hearing Edit

Upgrades: Far Hearing, Stealth Hearing, Killer's Instinct

Armor Edit

The preferred armor of the Ghost is stealth-focused and gives you specific advantages.[1] It has distinct black wraps, hazel brown straps, and a black mask. This makes it harder for enemies to detect you at night.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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