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Leaf in Guiding Wind

Jin Sakai releasing a leaf into the Guiding Wind.

Guiding Wind is a navigational aid used by Jin Sakai to help discover the island of Tsushima and all of its secrets and collectibles. It is a representation of Jin's father Lord Sakai (as the Yellow Songbird is of Jin's mother).


Since there are no fixed waypoints or minimap in Ghost of Tsushima, Jin can find objectives and collectibles using Guiding Wind combined with the Traveler's Attire.

There are six types of Guiding Wind. Except the default, the other five (seven with the Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island expansion) require spending 1 Technique Point (under Exploration in the Samurai technique tree):

The following requires the Traveler's Attire to be used.

Techniques - Samurai

The five other types of Guiding Wind in the bottom right of the Samurai technique tree.

To use the default Guiding Wind, swipe up on the touchpad. The wind will blow in the direction of the player's determined location. If looking for a specific item or location determined by the other types of Guiding Wind, open the map, press R and select the type of collectible (this will equip the Traveler's Attire if it is not already equipped), then return to the game and swipe up on the touchpad.