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The physical and mental demands of combat require test and recovery as every warrior soon learns. Fortunately, Tsushima is strewn with serene and beautiful Hot Springs. Seek them out to ease fatigue from battle.

Every Hot Spring increases your maximum health.
― In-game description.

Hot springs, or onsen (温泉), are locations where Jin Sakai can rest to increase his maximum health. While at a hot spring, Jin will reflect on a player-chosen story element or character. There are a total of 18 hot springs in Tsushima, and resting at all of them unlocks the Fundoshi armor set. Iki has an additional two, bringing the total to 20.



A map depicting Hot Springs in Izuhara

Hot spring Prefecture Location
Carved Mountain Kashine Yagata Forest
Castle Lookout Hiyoshi West of Isonade Coast
Firefly Hill Komoda Northeast of Old Woodsman's Canopy
Golden Leaf Ariake Golden Forest
Hiyoshi Inn Hiyoshi Hiyoshi Springs
Mountain View Ariake Winding Trail
Quiet Basin Tsutsu North of Rustling Bend
Rising Trees Azamo North of Archer's Rise
Seaside Tsutsu East of River Child's Wetlands


A map depicting Hot Springs in Toyotama

Hot spring Prefecture Location
Bamboo Forest Kushi Old Toyotama Hills
Maple Shade Kubara East of Serene Forest
Marsh Tide Akashima Hakutaku Forest
Morning Glory Yarikawa Northeast of Yarikawa Stronghold
Mossy Rest Umugi Southeast of Umugi Cove
Yoshinaka Otsuna West of Mamushi Farmstead


A map depicting Hot Springs in Kamiagata

Hot spring Prefecture Location
Jito's Foothills Sago Jito's Foothills
Morimae Jogaku East of Trapper's House, near the coast
White Mist Kin Southeast of Kin Village


Hot spring Prefecture Location
Gonoura Cape Gonoura Southern part of Gonoura Cape
Senjo Gorge Gonoura Southern part of Senjo Gorge


At a hot spring, players will choose to reflect on one of two provided topics. Topics are randomly selected from the list below (excluding those which have been reflected on already).

Topic Reflection Notes
A Lover's Touch Wish I had some company in here. It's been too long...
A Warrior's Burden I wish being a samurai were as easy as slipping into warm water.
Changes In My Uncle Uncle seems so much older. Maybe the war aged him... Or I never noticed before.
Clearing My Mind Stop thinking, Jin. For one moment, just stop thinking...
Creature Comforts Only thing I'm missing is a strong drink... Bowl of miso... Some sleep... A woman...
Exhaustion Feels like I haven't slept in days. If only I had time for a short nap...
Exile From The Samurai The samurai... my uncle... I can never go back... I have to accept that.
Favorite Foods When the Mongols are gone... I'm going to stuff myself with Shinano pears... Fresh tuna... And sweet seaweed from Azamo.
Freedom With Shimura You should be here, Uncle. When the island's free, we'll spend a week soaking in these waters...
Hallucinations The Eagle's visions.... Even when the world is quiet, I can hear her whispers in the rustling grass, the crash of ocean waves....

Eagle: Take your sword... open your wrists... and slip beneath the water. Let the hot spring wash away your failure.

Give me some peace.

(from Iki Island DLC)

After The Eagle's Cry

Home Strange to be back here after so many years. And to leave Tsushima now, with the Mongols at our throats.... I hope they are all right. (from Iki Island DLC)
Kazumasa the Father My father's samurai bathed in one of these springs after our first day on Iki. He let us wash away the stink of battle... while he cleaned his wounds with cold river water. (from Iki Island DLC)
Kazumasa the General When the samurai fought on Iki, my father slept outside his tent. Under the stars. I snuck out one night and heard him whispering a song my mother used to sing.... Wish I remembered how it went. (from Iki Island DLC)
Kenji's Sake Only thing that would make this better is a jar of Kenji's sake. But then he'd never stop talking...
Khotun Khan Maybe I'll take that Mongol bastard's head. Or drown him. No... I'll put the torch to him. Just like he did to Lord Adachi.
Lady Masako Mother used to take us to Omi Lake with Lady Masako and her children. We played in the water... While mother and Masako traded funny stories over tea.
My Code People look to samurai for guidance... To keep them safe... And act with honor... On and off the battlefield. I can't forget that.
My Father I'll never forget the day he was killed. I could have saved my father. If only I was older, stronger... If I wasn't so afraid.
My Horse Can't believe I almost lost <Name> at sea. If he died... I don't know what I would do. (from Iki Island DLC)

After A Lost Friend

My Horse Can't believe I almost lost my horse at sea. I can't lose another horse. (from Iki Island DLC)

After Wolves at the Gates and A Lost Friend

My Horse Can't believe I almost lost <Name> at sea. I can't lose another horse. (from Iki Island DLC)

After Heart of the Jito and A Lost Friend

My Legacy How will people remember the Sakai name? As heroes of Tsushima... or fugitives, forgotten in the shadows...?
My Mother Mother spent her last weeks in the hot springs. Even then, she'd never get her hair wet.
My Uncle I thought they'd killed Lord Shimura. After everything he's done for me, everything he taught me... I can't lose my uncle. I won't.
Next Spring The warm air, the cherry blossoms... Spring can't come soon enough.
Ryuzo We used to get into so much trouble... Stealing sake, dressing like maidens... Trying to sail for Iki Island... My uncle always said, "Stay away from the demon child Ryuzo."
Ryuzo's Betrayal We grew up together, but you threw it all away. How long will it last, Ryuzo? How long until the Mongols get tired of your excuses?
Ryuzo's Death You could have been here right now, Ryuzo. Bragging about how many Mongol heads you collected. Telling your awful jokes... You gave me no choice.
Saving My Uncle When Uncle is free, we'll eat his favorite meal... vegetables sweetened with mirin on a bed of rice.
Sensei Ishikawa Sensei Ishikawa should visit this place. I wonder if he's ever relaxed in his life... He's strung tighter than his bowstring.
Taka's Sacrifice I didn't know you long... But you were brave, Taka. As brave as any samurai I've met... I hope you knew that.
Tenzo Never met someone like Tenzo before.... He spent his life hating samurai. Could have left me for dead, or robbed me blind... but he stayed with me. Hm. (from Iki Island DLC)
Tenzo Never met someone like Tenzo before.... In a different life, we might have become friends... but the best I can do is put the past behind me. And maybe that's enough. (from Iki Island DLC)

After Massacre at Kidafure Village

The Eagle The Eagle wants power, but not like Khotun... The poison she gave me... I saw her take a sip. Has she used it herself? Felt the torment she inflicts on others? If she survived these nightmares, maybe I can too.... (from Iki Island DLC)
The Fallen Samurai I lost good friends on the beach. Kasai, Matsudo... Hongo. I won't forget what you sacrificed for our home.
The Mongol Invaders Everywhere I look... They're taking prisoners, burning homes... Slaughtering our people. They think they broke our spine by killing the samurai... But they haven't won. Not yet.
The Yarikawa Rebellion Father and Uncle recovered at a nearby onsen after they stopped the Yarikawa rebellion. Was it this one?
Yuna Saved from the battlefield by a thief... (chuckle) What will my uncle think of Yuna?
My Dead Horse <Name>... <Name>... You were a brave companion... A good friend... Maybe I'll see you soon... After Honor and Ash
My Uncle's Fate (Sigh) My uncle deserved a warrior's death. It's what he wanted. I did the right thing... After The Tale of Lord Shimura (kill ending)
My Uncle's Fate I couldn't kill him. Maybe in another life, but not now... Even after everything, he is still my family. After The Tale of Lord Shimura (spare ending)