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Some of Tsushima's shrines are dedicated to Inari, kami of agriculture and plenty. Foxes are Inari's messengers, and are often drawn to these sacred places.

Find and honor the island's shrines to Inari
― Collection description

Inari shrine and a fox

Inari Shrines are hidden locations that can be found throughout the island of Tsushima in Ghost of Tsushima. Once Jin has discovered a Fox Den, he must follow the fox (kitsune) to the actual shrine. Jin can then honor the shrine by pressing R2 and is subsequently rewarded with a section to help build a Charm slot or a section that can help increase the power of Charms in the player's inventory. After honoring a shrine, (most of the times) Jin can choose to pet the fox, with the fox purring happily and jumping cheerfully in response.

The player can Fast Travel to any Fox Den that has been discovered (even if the player did not honor the shrine yet). There are 49 Inari Shrines total in Ghost of Tsushima. After unlocking all Charm Slots, honoring Inari Shrines will instead grant you progress towards the Charm of Silence and Charm of Inari´s Might. These two charms can be further upgraded by honoring more shrines, making them some of the most powerful in the entire game. Visiting all Inari Shrines unlocks the Wolf of Tsushima Mask.


A map depicting Fox Dens in Izuhara


  • Northwest of Jade Hills, along the eastern riverbank
  • Northeast of Izuhara Clearing
  • Northwest of Kaneda Inlet, along the coast


  • Directly south of Hiyoshi Springs, on the southern riverbank near the ocean.
  • On the peninsula southeast of Hiyoshi Pass
  • Northwest of Golden Forest
  • Southwest of Golden temple and northwest of Winding Trail
  • Northeast of Houren's Pasture


  • Just north of Sakimori Overlook
  • Azamo Bay
  • Northwest of Jito's Point


  • Just north of Exile's Bluff
  • Northwest of Azure Pond
  • Northwest of River Child's Wetlands, on the southern coast of a pond


  • Northwest of Shigenori's Rest, halfway to Shigenori's Peak
  • West of Shigenori's Peak, halfway to the coast
  • West of Komatsu Forge


  • Southwest of the Survivor Camp by the coast, west of Kashine Hills
  • Northwest of Kashine Forest
  • Southeast of Yagata Forest


  • Southeast of Kukai's Falls
  • East of Wolf Cub Falls


A map depicting Fox Dens in Toyotama


  • East of Spirit Grove Cemetery
  • Akashima Higata
  • Southwest of Drowned Man's Shore


  • East of Kazumasa's Isle
  • Slightly south of Rebel's Last Stand


  • Southwest of Old Kahazawa Marsh, near the coast
  • West of Field of the Equinox Flower


  • East of Mamushi Farmstead, on the eastern river bank
  • Between two rivers northwest of Mamushi Farmstead
  • Across the river directly east of Kushi Grasslands


  • Southeast of Kushi Grasslands


  • Southeast of Serene Forest
  • East by northeast of Shimura Cemetery
  • Woodcutter's Shelter
  • Southeast of Yombushi's Peak
  • On the larger peninsula south of Sibling Bay, directly east of Omi Lake
  • Northeast of Lucky Genzo's Inn


A map depicting Fox Dens in Kamiagata


  • South of Endless Forest
  • Southwest of Iwai Village, on the bend of a road south of the bay


  • North of Bitter Hills
  • Northeast of Kamagata Falls
  • Southwest of Cedar Temple, close to where the river empties into the ocean


  • North of the lake above Shinboku Inn
  • Southwest of Zenta's Crest Farm and Southeast of Jogaku Temple Lake, on the other side of the river
  • At a crossroads directly east of Jogaku Temple Lake
  • South of Whaler's Coast
  • Southeast of Whaler's Coast