Samurai vs Mongol invasion fleet

The Mongol Empire (元朝、げんちょう;蒙古帝国、もうこていこく) is the antagonistic force in Ghost of Tsushima. In 1274, a Mongol force led by Khotun Khan invades the island of Tsushima. The samurai Jin Sakai must use his knowledge and develop the dishonorable tactics of the Ghost to attempt to defeat them.


In Japanese records, the Mongol Empire is also sometimes referred to as the Gen (元).

The Mongols have established a large empire on the Eurasian landmass, stretching from Persia to Russia to China. The Mongols, led by Emperor Kublai Khan, now set their eyes on the islands of Japan, launching a large-scale naval invasion.

The Mongols use a variety of weapons and tactics against Jin Sakai as he attempts to take them down. As Jin uses the dishonorable tactics of the Ghost, the Mongols begin to fear him.

Members Edit

Leadership Edit

  • Kublai Khan - Emperor, Great Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan
  • Khotun Khan † - General, Khan, leads naval invasion into Japan

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The ruling khans of the Mongol Empire speak the Mongol language,[1] specifically Middle Mongol (13th and 14th century). It was a Mongolic koiné language, originating from Chenggis Khan's home region of Northeastern Mongolia. Over time, it diversified into several Mongolic languages, still spoken today across Eurasia.[2]

In Ghost of Tsushima, the Mongol characters speak Mongolian with a modern accent (based in the modern country of Mongolia).[3]

Back then, the Mongols mainly wrote in the classical Mongol script (that runs vertically), Chinese characters, and Phags-pa.

As the Mongol Empire was diverse, many languages were used among the various ethnicities, especially in the army. But the most-used were Mongolian, Han Chinese, Persian, and Turkic.




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