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When the Mongols landed on our shores, they unleashed a terrible host of Oni upon the land;
these demons were a threat to our very souls

Oni are malicious demons that are summoned by Iyo, to aid the Mongolian Empire in taking Tsushima Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Among the many forms of these one include the Dogs, Tengu, Defenders, Brutes, Archers and Lords; all equipped with a different skillset and abilities. In Nightmare level difficulties, the ghosts would encounter enhanced versions of these archetypes known as Elder Oni, characterised by their distinct purple colouring, larger health pools and higher levels of damage output. Only Defenders, Brutes, Archers and Lords have Elder Oni archetypes.

Oni Defender[]

Oni Defender

These Oni wielded both a shield and a spear, and were able to perform the following moves:

  • regular spear thrusts that can be parried and dodged
  • unstoppable spear charge attacks performed in a straight line that would knock down any player who would come in contact during the charge, with a small area of effect burst at the end
  • An unblockable spinning strike which propels the Oni backwards
  • spinning their shield in the air while standing in place, releasing a rain of damaging particles that burst into flames when they come in contact with the ground

These Oni were weakest to the water stance

Oni Brutes[]

Oni Brute

Elder Oni Brute

These Oni wielded a Mace and were able to perform the following moves:

  • An unstoppable spinning strike performed in a straight line three times in a row in the direction of the Ghost
  • An unstoppable smash with their mace into the ground towards the direction of the ghost, performed three times consecutively direction of the ghost, being able to change direction with each individual Smash. Each smash will have a small area of effect which can damage nearby ghosts
  • A large area of effect attack signalled by the Oni summoning their mace to levitate in the air. The exact area of effect is demonstrated by a ring of energy in the ground around the Oni, which activates after a small delay, damaging anyone in the radius; it should be noted jumping at the right time whilst inside this radius will negate any damage.

These Oni are the most susceptible to the Moon Stance

Oni Archers[]

Oni Archer

Elder Oni Archer

These Oni are incapable of any melee attacks and instead rely solely on the use of their bow. They are able to teleport large distances and will signal before firing a volley of 5 fire arrows in quick succession. These Oni will teleport most frequently when a ghost is in close proximity, primarily due to their inherent lack of melee viability.

Oni Lord[]

Oni Lord

Elder Oni Lord

These Oni have the largest health pools out of all the Oni in the game, as well as the largest stagger bar. They are also the only class of Oni besides the Archers that are able to teleport, however they cannot teleport quite as far. They wield massive Guandaos and have the exact same sequences of attacks as Khotun Khan during his duel with Jin Sakai, which are:

  • A quick sequence of 4 light attacks that can be both blocked and parried, indicated by the Oni pointing the back of his Guandao towards a ghost.
  • A thrust attack that can be parried or dodged. If a ghost is still within the reach of the Guandao the Oni will perform a quick sweep attack right after. This is the same attack performed by act 2 and 3 spearmen in the base game.
  • Three unstoppable 360 degree sweeping strikes, followed up by a quick unstoppable thrust towards the direction of the Ghost.
  • Spinning their guandao while standing in place, knocking down any ghosts within proximity followed by an unstoppable jumping overhead strike into the ground towards the direction of the Ghost. The overhead strike has a small area of effect which will damage any ghosts within its proximity.
  • Teleporting a short distance away, followed by either a spear thrust that can be parried or an unstoppable overhead strike with a small area of effect upon contact with the ground.

These Oni will only appear in Nightmare level difficulties as well as the last wave of a Survival Map on a different difficulty Level.

They are the most susceptible to the Wind Stance.



These Oni have comparatively smaller health pools and stagger meters compared to the previous entries, and wield a staff which acts the same as a spear. Among their attacks inculde:

  • A sweeping attack with their staff, which can be parried
  • A thrust attack with their staff, which can be parried
  • The ability to fire off 16 volleys of crows at any time, including during an attack with their staff. This volley lasts for around 3 seconds and has a cooldown of around the same time.

These Oni are the most susceptible to the Wind Stance


These dogs are almost identical to the mongol hounds, however have a faint red glow to them. These dogs lose the melee abilities of their mongol counterparts, and only have one attack: An area of effect ring that is started when the oni dog begins to float in the air and activated when they make contact with the ground again.


  • All Oni kills will gift the Ghosts 5 Magatama, as opposed to regular Mongol kills which gift 1 in Survival and 2 in Rivals