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These are the patch notes for Ghost of Tsushima, which also includes Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island. They describe what each patch (or update) changed about the game.


2.14 (12/?/2021)[]

Size: PS4: ,[note 1] PS5: 2.017 GB[note 2][1]

  • This patch includes bug fixes and item adjustments for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.
    • Fixed a bug preventing Mists of Yagata from healing teammates correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Hunter’s Explosive Arrow or Staggering Arrow ability from triggering correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a stunlock if a player was attacked while holding a Bomb Pack.
    • Added descriptions for weekly Nightmare modifiers.
    • Kenji's Shared Brew and Healing Gourds with Resolve gains can now be used even while at full health.
    • Fixed a bug preventing waypoints from appearing above the last remaining enemies in Legends Story missions.
    • Fixed a bug causing Intimidating Counter to not deal the correct amount of damage.
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from un-muting themselves.
    • Increase stagger damage done by Wind Stance against spear enemies.

2.13 (11/9/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 644 MB,[note 1][note 3] PS5: 378.2 MB[note 2][2]

  • Fixed a bug related to bomb pack ammo in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

2.12 (11/5/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 1.583 GB,[note 1] PS5: 1.894 GB[note 2][3]

  • In Survival and Rivals modes, enemy spawn points will now be randomized and will change with each new match.
    • However, Nightmare Survival will maintain a fixed spawn pattern for the entire week to create an even playing ground for the leaderboards.
    • Nightmare Story now has a fixed spawn location for Gyozen’s Scroll and the Oni Chest each week.
  • Fixed a bug in Survival and Rivals where waves could occasionally stop spawning after all enemies were killed.
  • Fixed a bug in Survival and Rivals where enemies could occasionally stop attacking.
  • Added the ability to matchmake to fill empty slots to Nightmare Survival and Nightmare Story. (This may be removed in future patches depending on player feedback related to game balance.)
  • Adjusted the Show Details screen in the Lobby to include both perks on equipped gear.
Class Balance changes
  • Assassin
    • Increased the base assassination speed. Stealth attacks are now faster and quieter.
    • Removed Experienced Assassin technique
      • Replaced with a new technique, Deft Hands
    • Adjusted the unlock order of some Assassin techniques.
    • Adjusted targeting of Shadow Strike technique.
    • Shadow Strike now scales slightly with Stealth Attack Damage
    • While Shadow Strike is active, the Assassin will be invisible to enemies.
  • Hunter
    • Staggering Arrow
      • Reduced cooldown (From 55 seconds to 42 seconds)
    • Spirit Archer
      • Reduced cooldown (From 55 seconds to 42 seconds)
  • Samurai
    • Raging Flame
      • Increased cooldown (From 36 seconds to 50 seconds)
      • Reduced the amount of fire damage spread to nearby enemies when using Heavy Attacks
      • Reduced duration (From 20 seconds to 11 seconds)
    • Spirit Pull
      • Increased duration (From 11 seconds to 15 seconds)
    • Explosive Blade
      • Increased duration (From 11 seconds to 15 seconds)
      • Fixed a bug where Explosive Blade would not trigger explosions in some cases
  • Ronin
    • (NOTE: Despite the Item Adjustment below limiting Samurai and Assassin classes to a maximum of 6 concussion bombs, the Ronin will still maintain a maximum of 12 concussion bombs.)
Item adjustments
  • Bottle of Liquid Courage
    • Decreased maximum resolve gain from 3 to 2
  • Weightless Spirit
    • Drastically increased reload speed
    • Increased draw speed
    • Increased arrow velocity
    • Increased maximum Fire Arrow count
  • Bomb Pack and Forbidden Medicine
    • When equipped on Samurai and Assassin, reduced the total concussion bomb ammo count (From 12 bombs to 6 bombs)
  • The Mist of Yagata
    • Increased the healing effect
  • Magma Bomb
    • Fixed a bug affecting Magma Bomb duration when used alongside Smoke Bomb.
    • No longer knocks down enemies caught in the blast
Additional bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in Rivals where players could get through the starting gate before the match started
  • Fixed an issue where players using the standalone version of Legends would encounter an error if they had Director’s Cut save data.

2.11 (9/29/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 1.858 GB,[note 1] PS5: 2.158 GB[note 2][4]

  • Adds UI to track Common Courtesy trophy progress
  • Fixes Remote Play touchpad gestures
  • Boosts The Trials of Iyo rewards
  • Restores NG+ cosmetics missing in Legends for some users
  • Bug fixes and adjustments

2.10 (9/16/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 1.697 GB,[note 1] File size noted on a North American PlayStation 5.[note 2][5]

2.09 (9/5/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 1.052 GB,[note 1] PS5: 1.726 GB[note 2][note 2][6]

  • Fixes a crash some users were experiencing
  • Resolves an issue with Iki lighthouses
  • Includes adjustments for matchmaking in Legends

2.08 (9/2/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 1.678 GB,[note 1] PS5: 2.019 GB[note 2][7]

  • Improves the load time for viewing cosmetics in menus on PS5
  • Restores color button prompts
  • Various Legends adjustments
  • Additional bug fixes.

2.07 (8/28/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 1.936 GB,[note 1] PS5: 2.370 GB[note 2][8]

  • Restored missing Fundoshi for some New Game+ players who had lost access to it.
  • Addressed an issue where replayed missions would not grant the proper rewards until the game was reloaded.
  • Addressed an issue where some supply boxes could be restocked upon checkpoint reload.
  • Addressed an issue where giving the hut builder supplies then skipping the cutscene would still take the supplies but not complete the objective.
  • Addressed an issue where players were not able to join in-progress Legends Survival matches via matchmaking.
  • Reduced the length of haptic feedback when fast traveling
  • Addressed some issues related to Activity Cards.
  • Addressed an issue with Legends leaderboards visibility.
  • Various UI improvements, bug and crash fixes.

2.06 (8/23/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 102.7 MB,[note 1]PS5: 206.4 MB[note 2][9]

  • Addresses an issue where players were able to arrive on Iki Island wearing the Sakai Clan Armor and were unable to progress.

2.05 (8/21/2021)[]

Size: PS4: 100.6 MB,[note 1] PS5: 205.6 MB[note 2][10]

  • Addresses a crash that a few users were experiencing.

2.00—2.04 ("day one Director's Cut patch", 8/19/2021)[]

Size: 18.855 GB[note 1]

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island story expansion
  • New option for target lock-on during combat
  • Accessibility options for controller remapping
  • General bug fixes
  • General UI tweaks and updates, including black-and-white button prompts and updated Charm icons[note 4]

1.20 (2/4/2021)[]

Size: 683.3 MB[note 1]

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.19 (1/23/2021)[]

Size: 306.0 MB[note 1][11]

1.18 (12/18/2020)[]

Size: 886.9 MB[note 1][12]

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • New "Fill Party" option for Gold and Nightmare Survival missions, Nightmare Story missions, and all three chapters of "The Tale of Iyo" Raid.
    • Includes options such as specific goals like Complete all Bonus Objectives, Complete story missions without getting wounded, etc.
    • Find players only with microphones enabled
    • Party ownership

1.17 (12/5/2020)[]

Size: 830.7 MB[note 1][13]

  • Bug fixes.
  • Improvements to network stability and Legends multiplayer mode.

1.16 (11/18/2020)[]

Size: 100MB-1GB[note 5][14]

  • Adjustments to Resolve gains in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.
  • Fixes an issue with melee and ranged Resolve gain perks.
  • Improvements to various Legends bug and crash fixes are also included.

1.15 (11/7/2020)[]

Size: 1.063 GB[15]

  • Adjusted gear drops in Nightmare Story missions and The Tale of Iyo chapters so Ki 105 gear is more likely to drop for players 105 and above.
  • Various Legends bug fixes, including disconnects for some users, have also been improved.

1.14 (Legends Raid 1, 10/30/2020)[]

Size: 1.060 GB[16]

  • Bug fixes for Legends
  • Legends Raid 1 launch

1.13 (Legends week one update, 10/22/2020)[]

Size: 3.139 GB[17]

  • Resolved a bug causing frequent Network Error pop-ups
  • Resolved a bug preventing the Platinum Trophy armor dye from appearing in New Game+
  • Resolved a bug that caused some users to become stuck in the Legends tutorial
  • Added support for PlayStation™ Network “Players Met” functionality to Legends
  • Various bug and crash fixes

1.12 (Legends and NG+ release, 10/16/2020)[]

Size: 8.987 GB[18]

  • Custom gear loadouts
  • Time played counter
  • New Game+
    • New horse
    • Mysterious new merchant, new dyes
    • Powerful new Charms
    • New trophies
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
    • 4-player survival missions
    • 2-player story missions
    • Post-launch raid
    • Four unique classes
    • New Legends cosmetics
    • Legends photo mode

1.07 (8/19/2020)[]

Size: 872.5 MB[note 1][19]

  • New option to increase stick tolerance
  • Additional bug fixes

1.06 (8/5/2020)[]

Size: 1.316 GB[note 1][20]

  • Traveler's Attire updates
    • The Traveler's Attire has been enhanced to add new visual and audio cues hinting at nearby collectibles. These cues can replace or augment controller vibration in order to offer a better, more accessible experience.
  • Text
    • Expanded Large Text accessibility option to also include additional prompts and objective text
  • Bug Fixes
    • Addressed a bug where users could encounter a black screen preventing progress in certain tales
    • Addressed a bug where users could become stuck in some Yarikawa tales
    • Additional bug and crash fixes

1.05 (7/27/2020)[]

Size: 2.781 GB[note 1][21]

  • New difficulty level: Lethal
    • Enemy weapons are more deadly, but Jin's katana is also more deadly
    • Enemies are more aggressive in combat
    • Enemies detect you faster
    • Tighter Parry and Dodge windows
  • New accessibility option: Lower Intensity Combat - Lower intensity mode is meant to maintain the heart and feel of Ghost of Tsushima combat while relaxing several timing-specific elements. Combat is less intense, giving you more time to react. Stealth settings are more forgiving, and enemies take longer to detect you.
    • Most enemy attacks which are normally unblockable become blockable when Lower Intensity is enabled. Blocking with L1 will keep you safe from more attacks than standard combat, though some attacks must still be dodged.
    • Enemies break off their attack combos after damaging you, giving you a chance to recover before the next wave of attacks. In addition, your heavy attacks will interrupt attacks from Brutes, giving you another way to stop their combos.
    • Enemies will not attack you while you're using Resolve to heal
    • Enemy awareness builds more slowly, giving you more time to recover after being spotted
  • Text changes
    • Large Text option: Increases text size of subtitles, mission objectives and interact prompts by 150% when enabled
    • Added option to turn speaker name off when subtitles are enabled
    • New subtitle text color options in addition to white: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green
  • Additional bug fixes

1.01—1.04 ("day one patch", 7/17/2020)[]

Size: 8 GB[note 6]

  • Various localization fixes (1.01—1.03)
  • Other bug fixes (1.01—1.03)[22][23][24]
  • General bug fixes and improvements (1.04)[25]

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