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These pillars were erected over the island of Tsushima's first jito. They honor the samurai who gave their lives to bring peace and order to Tsushima.

Collect Sword Kits from these pillars to customize the appearance of your blades.
― In-game description.

Pillar of honor

The Pillar of Honor is a type of shrine that was built by the first jito of Tsushima to honor the deceased samurai who brought peace and order to the island.

There are 23 collectibles with Sword Kits that can be used to customize the appearance of your katana and tanto. They are for cosmetic purposes only and do not provide any additional benefits, skills or techniques.

When Jin discovers a Pillar of Honour, he may encounter a samurai lying deceased before the Pillar, which may also be surrounded by dead mongols. If Jin bows in front of the deceased samurai, he will express respect at the samurai's sacrifice or wish him well in the next life.

By collecting the sword kits at Pillars of Honor on Iki Island, the player will unlock them for use in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (save for the Hidden Heart, which requires a perfect completion of Platinum Survival with all difficulty modifiers enabled). The sword kits found on Tsushima will need to be unlocked via unique challenges in the Legends Mode.


Prefecture Location Sword Kit Appearance
Hiyoshi Kaneda Inlet Fuujin's Secret Concept art of Fuujin's Secret.jpg
Hiyoshi Hidden Springs Forest Yasha's Embers Concept art of Yasha's Embers.jpg
Azamo Sakimori Overlook Mamushi Venom Concept art of Mamushi Venom.jpg
Azamo Wakou's Island Twilight Oni Concept art of Twilight Oni.jpg
Ariake Kuta Grasslands Warrior's Brush Concept art of Warrior's Brush.jpg
Kashine Shigenori's Peak Spring Bamboo Concept art of Spring Bamboo.jpg
Komoda First General's Field Genbu's Darkness Katana Genbu's Darkness.png
Umugi Old Kanazawa Marsh Breath of Hachiman Concept art of Breath of Hachiman.jpg
Umugi Old Clan's Hill Hijiki in Sunlight Concept art of Hijiki in Sunlight.jpg
Umugi Umugi Cove Warrior's Faith Concept art of Warrior's Faith.jpg
Akashima Old Togo Rice Fields Dueling Festival Katana Dueling Festival.png
Akashima Hakutaku Forest Moon Bear's Paw Concept art of Moon Bear's Paw.jpg
Otsuna Yoshinaka Bay Hunting Bear Katana Hunting Bear.png
Kubara Little Monk's Pond Bishamon's Fortune Concept art of Bishamon's Fortune.jpg
Kubara Sibling Bay Yuzu Peel Concept art of Yuzu Peel.jpg
Kushi Old Toyotama Hills Gold Koi River Concept art of Gold Koi River.jpg
Jogaku Iwai Village Sly Tanuki Sly tanuki.png
Jogaku Jogaku Temple Lake Island's Keeper Concept art of Island's Keeper.jpg
Jogaku Mount Jogaku Tanuki's Brush Concept art of Tanuki's Brush.jpg
Jogaku Cape Izumi Hidden Forest Concept art of Hidden Forest.jpg
Kin Endless Forest Azure Dragon Concept art of Azure Dragon.jpg
Kin Shinboku Inn Midnight Hanabi Katana Midnight Hanabi.png
Sago Bitter Hills Shogun's Storm Concept art of Shogun's Storm.jpg