Samurai clan lineup

Samurai are military force on the island of Tsushima. Along with Jin Sakai, there are several other known samurai, though their numbers are dwindling after the start of the Mongol invasion.


Samurai field training

Samurai training

In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin can use combat tactics based on his samurai training, as well as using the so-called "disgraceful" techniques of the Ghost. Jin grew up on Tsushima and was trained as a samurai since a very young age, and as such he sees it is his duty to protect Tsushima and its people. As a samurai, he has the respect of the people around him, who will bow as he passes by.

Samurai techniques Edit

Deflection Edit

Upgrade Jin's defensive capabilities.

  • Perfect parry
  • Perfect healing parry
  • Unyielding sword parry
  • Deflect arrows
  • Resolved Parry
  • Unyielding spear parry
  • Terrifying parry

Evasion Edit

Better evasion and dodge techniques.

  • Roll
  • Dodging slash
  • Sprint strike
  • Shoulder charge
  • Delayed strike
  • Mounted strike
  • Perfect dodge

Mythic Edit

Legendary techniques that improve combat skills.

  • Heavenly strike
  • Dance of wrath
  • Way of the flame
  • Explosive arrow

Exploration Edit

Utilize the power of the guiding wind.

  • Wind of health
  • Wind of Resolve
  • Wind of Charms
  • Wind of Inari
  • Wind of Vanity



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