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Small flags worn by common soldiers and samurai alike, these banners an display a clan's name, mon, leader's name, or slogan. They allow soldiers to see their allies on the battkefied at a glance.

Sashimono banners are part of the legacy of Tsushima's great clans: Shimura, Sakai, Adachi, Nagao, and Kikuchi. It is vital to preserve them.
― In-game description.

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Sashimono Banners are small flags worn by soldiers and samurai that are a part of the legacy of Tsushima's great clans: Adachi (blue), Kikuchi (green), Nagao (yellow), Sakai (black) & Shimura (red). The white banner belongs to Clan Yarikawa.

There are 80 collectable sashimono banners around Tsushima. 34 are obtained by liberating Mongol territories. The remaining 46 are found throughout the open world. It's best to change into the Traveler's Attire to help you find any that are missing. After completing the main story quest Wolves at the Gates, you will also be able to select a Guiding Wind for "undiscovered sashimono banners" that will help you find any remaining banners you may have missed.

Collected banners can be brought to a monk in Komatsu Forge in exchange for new horse saddles.

Mongol Territories (34 banners)[]

Open world locations (46 banners)[]




Reward: Saddles[]

When the player completes Hammer and Forge, it will unlock the location of a monk at Komatsu Forge. Bring the banners you have collected to the monk and he will reward you with saddle skins:

  • Storm Wind (Default)
  • Cloudless Dash (10 Banners)
  • Swift Summer (15 Banners)
  • Racing Crane (25 Banners)
  • Fierce Spirit (40 Banners)
  • Pampas Gale (55 Banners)
  • Elegant Fury (80 Banners)
  • Hero of Tsushima (Digital Deluxe Edition/ upgrade)
  • Streaking Sunrise (New Game+)