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The Way of the Kami, or Shinto, is woven into the fabric of daily life on Tsushima. Shrines dot the island, many forgotten with the passage of time, though intrepid explorers can find them.

Shrines contain Charms and Wax wood
― In-game description

Scarlet Rock Shrine entrance, one of the sixteen Shinto Shrines on Tsushima.

Shinto shrines are locations in Ghost of Tsushima that Jin can explore to earn charms. There are 16 Shinto shrines found across the island of Tsushima. An additional shrine was added in Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island, bringing the total to 17 Shinto Shrines in the entire game.

The grapple hook is required to complete 12 shrines.

Several shrines are also host to Hidden Altars, so keep an eye out for special signs.

Most Shinto shrines have an option for instant teleportation back to the original starting position after they press R2 to honor the shrine. Look for the nearest torii and press R2 to interact with the white circle prompt.

Shinto shrines are the only places where players can find the elusive wax wood, as completing a shrine will reward a player with one piece. However, at the summit of the shrines there will often be another piece of wax wood available, in the form of a small tree in the overworld which bears heavy resemblance to yew wood trees Jin can dismantle along his journey.



Note: Stone Dragon Shrine and Winding Mountain Shrine require the Grapple hook to complete, the rest do not in this region.