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Crickets are a symbol of autumn, and an inspiration for many poems and lyrical works. Pried for their singing, they are often caught and kept in small cages.

They can be found everywhere in nature, though some say it's best to look in cemeteries, where they sing to comfort the dead.
― In-game description

Singing Criket at a Graveyard

Singing Crickets are one of the many collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima. In fact, Japan has a long tradition of collecting crickets (suzumushi or matsumushi) as far back as 905 CE.

Crickets can be found in small cages in the various cemeteries (the player will most likely have to defeat enemies within each cemetery). They are easy to find - just listen for chirping and/or singing. The player can also equip the Traveler's Attire for additional help and the controller will vibrate when nearby.

There are twenty (20) crickets throughout the game and gathering a certain number of singing crickets will unlock a new song. When Jin plays these songs on his flute, they change the weather on Tsushima, which can be beneficial during combat and quests.

Five crickets are required to complete the Dirge of the Fallen Forge Trophy.


"The Sun's Warm Embrace” (Default) - Changes the weather to Sunny.

"Lament of the Storm” (5 Crickets) - Changes the weather to Thunder.

"Shadows in the Fog” (10 Crickets) - Changes the weather to Fog.

"A Chorus of Raindrops” (20 Crickets) - Changes the weather to Rain/Snow.



Singing Crickets (Izuhara)


Singing Crickets (Toyotama)


Singing Crickets (Kamiagata)