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Tales of Iki are main and side quests in Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island. Completion of all Story and Side Tales on this page, as well as the Mythic Tales in Iki island, will yield the Friend to All Raiders trophy. Additionally, if the unwritten tales are completed, it will yield the Common Courtesy trophy.

Main story Tales[]

  • "Journey into the Past"
  • "A Lost Friend"
  • "The Eagle's Cry"
  • "A Raider's Return"
  • "Jin From Yarikawa"
  • "The Lightning in the Storm"
  • "Massacre at Kidafure Village"
  • "The Blessing of Death"
  • "Epilogue: Last Words"

Side Tales[]

Unwritten Tales[]

Common Courtesy[]

Theses Unwritten Tales are listed under "Common Courtesy" in the collections menu. They are not tracked in Jin's Journal, nor are they indicated anywhere on the map. These names are not official as they are never noted in-game.