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Tales of Tsushima are side quests in Ghost of Tsushima that focus on supporting characters and other NPCs that Jin Sakai meets during the main story and through open world exploration. There are a total of 61 Tales of Tsushima.

Ishikawa tales[]

These tales focus on Sensei Ishikawa and his former student, Tomoe.

  1. The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa (Jin's Journey - Main Story Campaign)
  2. The Sensei and the Student
  3. The Past Never Passes
  4. The Way of the Bow
  5. Dreams of Conquest
  6. The Ghost and the Demon Sensei
  7. The Terror of Otsuna
  8. Friends in Passing
  9. Laid to Rest

Masako Tales[]

These tales focus on Lady Masako's story for revenge against her family's killers.

  1. The Tale of Lady Masako (Jin's Journey - Main Story Campaign)
  2. The Headman
  3. The Husband
  4. The Traitor
  5. The Fool
  6. The Family Man
  7. The Thief
  8. The Conspirator
  9. The Sister Betrayed

Kenji Tales[]

These tales focus on Kenji, a sake trader.

  1. Servant of the People
  2. Nattou and the Sake Seller
  3. The Delicate Art of Negotiation

Norio Tales[]

These tales focus on Norio, a warrior monk from Cedar Temple.

  1. The Last Warrior Monk
  2. Three Actions, Three Illusions
  3. Ghosts in the Fog
  4. The Birth of Suffering
  5. The Blood Sutra
  6. The Cause of Suffering
  7. The End of Suffering
  8. The Guardian of Tsushima
  9. This Threefold World

Yuna Tales[]

These tales focus on Yuna, a former thief who has become Jin's closest ally.

  1. The Tale of Yuna
  2. Silent Death
  3. The Black Wolf
  4. Message in Blood

Yuriko Tales[]

These tales focus on Yuriko, Jin's childhood caretaker.

  1. The Proud Do Not Endure
  2. The Art of Seeing

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