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Jin Sakai can learn various techniques throughout the game. Technique points, obtained by increasing one's own Legend ranking and liberating Mongol territory, are used to learn new techniques. There are three types of techniques categorized in the game menu: Samurai, Stance and Ghost.

Samurai Techniques[]

The Samurai technique is divided into four sections: Deflection, Evasion, Mythic and Exploration. These techniques concerns with Jin's skill as a Samurai fighting straight on with his enemies, or with his interaction with the world of Tsushima through mythic tales and points of interest.

The Deflection and Evasion lines are split into a progression tree where certain Techniques need to be taken before proceeding to the next tier of Techniques.


The Deflection technique line focuses on Jin's ability to block and parry incoming attacks. Upgrading this tree will reward players for performing Parries, gain more Resolve from defensive maneuvers and keep up the defense.

As noted above, each technique is part of a tier, and to access the next tier, at least one Technique from the previous tier needs to be unlocked.

Icon Technique Tier Description Cost
GoT.Perfect Parry Technique Icon.png Perfect Parry 0 Parry at the last possible second to fully open your opponent for a deadly counterattack.

Slows down time briefly when performed, during which you can press Square or Triangle to counterattack.

Earns a moderate amount of Resolve.

GoT.Perfect Healing Parry Technique Icon.png Perfect Parry Healing 1 Perfect Parries recover a small amount of health. 1
GoT.Unyielding Sword Parry Technique Icon.png Unyielding Sword Parry 1 Become able to parry unblockable attacks from Mongol swords. 1
GoT.Deflect Arrows Technique Icon.png Deflect Arrows 2 Parry incoming projectiles while blocking. 1
GoT.Resolved Parry Technique Icon.png Resolved Parry 3 Gain moderate Resolve when performing a parry.

Increases Resolve gained from a Perfect Parry.

GoT.Unyielding Spear Parry Technique Icon.png Unyielding Spear Parry 3 Become able to parry unblockable spear attacks. 1
GoT.Terrifying Parry Technique Icon.png Terrifying Parry 4 Perfect Parry have a 20% chance to terrify nearby enemies, causing them to flee. 2


The Evasion technique line focuses on Jin's ability to completely avoid attacks by either dodging or rolling. Later down the tree, Jin is also offered alternative techniques that improves his offensive abilities in a variety of manners.

As noted above, each technique is part of a tier, and to access the next tier, at least one Technique from the previous tier needs to be unlocked.

Icon Technique Tier Description Cost
GoT.Roll Technique Icon.png Roll 0 Rolls across the ground to avoid attacks. Also removes burning if caught on fire.

Input by double-tapping Dodge (Circle).

GoT.Dodging Slash Technique Icon.png Dodging Slash 1 An evasive strike useful against slow-moving enemies. Press Square after a Dodge to perform a Dodging Slash. 1
GoT.Sprint Strike Technique Icon.png Sprint Strike 1 Sprint toward your enemy and slash them with a quick strike. Press Square while sprinting to perform a Sprint Strike. 1
GoT.Shoulder Charge Technique Icon.png Shoulder Charge 2 Charge into enemies while sprinting to knock them backward. Press Triangle while sprinting to perform a Shoulder Charge. 1
GoT.Delayed Strike Technique Icon.png Delayed Strike 3 A delayed quick attack that inflicts extra melee damage and stagger damage.

Keep holding Square after a Light Attack in a chain to hold a stance indefinitely; release to perform Delayed Strike.

GoT.Mounted Strike Technique Icon.png Mounted Strike 3 Performing a jumping strike from your horse to tackle your enemy and inflict stagger damage.

Press Triangle while on horse back and when there is an enemy nearby to perform Mounted Strike.

GoT.Perfect Dodge Technique Icon.png Perfect Dodge 4 Dodge at the last possible moment to perform a deadly counterattack.

Slows down time when performed, much like Perfect Parry. Press Square or Triangle to perform a counterattack.



Mythic techniques, as indicated by their name, are techniques of mythical qualities. As a result, they are not attained by applying technique points but by completing their designated Mythic Tale.

Heavenly Strike and Dance of Wrath are sword based techniques that are executed via a key combination, posing as unblockable attacks that deal high amounts of damage.

Way of the Flame and Explosive Arrow are extra tools that Jin can access through his tools menu, applying special properties to his blade or arrow respectively.

Image Technique Description Requirement
GoT.Heavenly Strike technique icon.png Heavenly Strike A quick unblockable attack that inflicts extra damage against staggered enemies. Complete "The Heavenly Strike"
GoT.Dance of Wrath technique icon.png Dance of Wrath Unleash three consecutive unblockable attacks that inflict high damage. Complete "The Spirit of Yarikawa's Vengeance"
GoT.Way of the flame technique icon.png Way of the Flame Use incendiary oil to ignite your katana and burn your foes. Complete "The Undying Flame"
GoT.Explosive Arrow technique icon.png Explosive Arrow Heavy arrow fitted with volatile powder that explodes on impact. Complete "The Curse of Uchitsune"


Exploration techniques are non-combat aides for the player, as they allow the player use the Guiding Wind to direct them to points of interests instead of relying on waiting for the Golden Bird to come to the player's aid.

Icon Technique Description Cost
GoT.Wind of Health technique Icon.png Wind of Health Follow the Guiding Wind to hot springs that will increase your health. 1
GoT.Wind of Resolve technique Icon.png Wind of Resolve Follow the Guiding Wind to bamboo strikes that will increase your Resolve. 1
GoT.Wind of Charms technique Icon.png Wind of Charms Follow the Guiding Wind to Shinto shrines where you can find new charms. 1
GoT.Wind of Inari technique Icon.png Wind of Inari Follow the Guiding Wind to fox dens. Foxes will lead you to Inari shrines where you can earn additional charm slots and upgradeable charms. 1
GoT.Wind of Vanity technique Icon.png Wind of Vanity Follow the Guiding Wind to discover items that allow you to personalize your appearance. 1
GoTI.Wind of Harmony technique Icon.png Wind of Harmony Follow the Guiding Wind to discover Animal Sanctuaries on Iki Island 1
GoTI.Wind of Concentration technique Icon.png Wind of Concentration Follow the Guiding Wind to discover Archery Challenges on Iki Island 1

Stance Techniques[]

The Stance Techniques are a set of technique trees aimed to improve each of the Stances Jin attains throughout the game, starting with the Stone Stance. Each Stance is good against specific types of enemies, with each tree only modifying the specific Stance.

Stance Properties
Stone A straightforward stance that is good against enemies with swords. Focus on consistent and focused damage.
Water A solid stance that is good against enemies with shields. Focus on burst damage.
Wind A sweeping stance that is good against enemies with polearms. Focus on mobility.
Moon A powerful stance that is good against brute-type enemies. Focus on disruption.

Ghost Techniques[]

Ghost Techniques are centralized on Jin's developing affinity for stealth and misdirection as the Ghost, in contrast to the straight forward combat of the Samurai. While this set of techniques reflects Jin's willingness to take on dishonorable tactics, it also includes the evolution of techniques that would normally be seen as Samurai techniques, such as the Standoff or Health Recovery through Resolve, into inhuman techniques that lets Jin fight against multiple enemies and survive impossible odds.

Ghost Weapons[]

Ghost Weapons consists of the tools Jin slowly attains during his journey through Tsushima, taking up the shroud of stealth and misdirection as the Ghost. Starting out with the Kunai early on, Jin gains access to a new tool the first five times his Legend grows. Below is a list of Ghost tools Jin can gain access to:

Icon Weapons Descriptions Upgrade Properties
GoT.Kunai Technique Icon.png Kunai Throw a couple Kunai to nearby enemies, breaking their guard. Increase the number of Kunai thrown and the damage they deal.
GoT.Black Powder Bomb Technique Icon.png Black powder bomb Throw a bomb that causes a destructive explosion. Increase the destructive power of each bomb.
GoT.Smoke Bomb Technique Icon.png Smoke bomb Throw down a smoke bomb to enter stealth while confusing enemies. Improve the Smoke Bomb's ability to aide you upon use.
GoT.Sticky Bomb Technique Icon.png Sticky bomb Throw a bomb that sticks to a surface or enemy before exploding. Sticky Bombs don't hurt Jin anymore while being more destructive.
GoT.Wind Chime Technique Icon.png Wind chime Throw a wind chime to a location to attract the attention of one enemy. Gain access to the Firecracker, which alerts nearby enemies while attracting their attention.

Evolving Tactics[]

Evolving Tactics is the collection of techniques Jin improves upon to combat the Mongols. Some of these techniques were originally "Samurai" techniques which have been developed in make Jin inhuman, while other define his image as the Ghost.

All of these "tactics" will be naturally attained over the course of the game.

Icon Technique Description Acquisition Upgrade Properties
GoT.Recover Health Technique Icon.png Recover health Consume Resolve to heal some health. Prologue Gain the ability to "Revive" from being downed.
GoT.Standoff Technique Icon.png Standoff Challenge enemies to a one-on-one showdown. Prologue Increase the number of enemies you can kill during Standoff.
GoT.Archery Technique Icon.png Archery Harness the Way of the Bow to rain arrows on your enemy. The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa Gain access to Concentration to slow down time when using a bow.
GoT.Assassination Technique Icon.png Assassination Kill unaware enemies with a quiet and brutal stealth attack. The Warrior's Code Land safely from tall heights and perform chain assassinations.
GoT.Focused Hearing Technique Icon.png Focused Hearing Detect nearby units by dampening unnecessary noise, seeing where they are. The Warrior's Code Improve the properties of Focused Hearing to be a better hunter.
GoT.Shoji Assassination Technique Icon.png Shoji Assassination Assassinate an enemy behind a shoji door. Shadow of the Samurai
GoT.Ghost Stance Technique Icon.png Ghost Stance Approach enemy leaders while in stealth to Slaughter them and enter the Ghost Stance

Once in the Ghost Stance, you can kill up to 3 enemies with deadly strikes.
The Ghost of Yarikawa Gain access to Ghost Stance by killing Mongol Leaders or performing killstreaks unharmed
GoTI.Horse Charge Technique Icon.png Horse Charge Ride forward in an all-out charge that can throw and damage even large groups of enemies. A Lost Friend Improve the effectiveness of Horse Charge to allow Jin and his horse to ride longer, even terrify enemies.


  • The weather in Tsushima slowly changes during exploration depending on how much the player has Jin use Samurai or Ghost techniques. A Samurai-based approach causes more sunny weather while a Ghost-based approach causes more thunderstorms instead.