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May your death benefit all beings
― Tenzo

Tenzo is a character featured in Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island. He is a raider and right-hand man of Fune.


Tenzo is a resident of Iki Island. He grew up on the island and helped build it up.[1] He later married a woman who died during childbirth. During the samurai invasion of Iki, he fought the samurai, and he and a group of raiders ended up trapping Kazumasa Sakai in Senjo Gorge. Tenzo delivered the final blow to Kazumasa's life in front of a young Jin Sakai. This act drove the samurai from Iki Island, giving Tenzo and his fellow raiders a strong sense of camaraderie.

Events of Iki Island[]

As The Eagle and her tribe invade Iki, the Raiders try to fight back but with varying degrees of success. When Jin first lands on Iki and is poisoned by the Eagle, he is rendered unconscious, and is rescued by Tenzo. Tenzo becomes wary of Jin, as Jin is samurai, and samurai haven't set foot in Iki for nearly 15 years. The two strike up an uneasy relationship as Jin decides to help Tenzo and the raiders for the sake of Iki.[2] Eventually, through a captured Mongol shaman, Tenzo realizes that Jin is not only a samurai, but one of clan Sakai, and son of the "Butcher of Iki". This puts a strain on their relationship, but Jin ensures that he is not his father and that this will remain a secret for both of their sakes.[1]

After Tenzo, Jin, and the raiders drive some Mongols away from Iki, Tenzo kills a Mongol soldier and utters "May your death benefit all beings", the same phrase Jin heard Kazumasa was killed. Realizing it was Tenzo who killed his father, Jin threatens to kill him, to which Tenzo accepts his fate, but reminds Jin that Kazumasa was always Tenzo's enemy, never Jin. Jin backs off and says that he's not his father, making their friendship nearly beyond repair.[3]

Despite Jin's newfound knowledge and attempt to kill Tenzo, Tenzo still aids Jin to the very end in defeating the Mongol forces in Senjo Gorge and confronting the Eagle herself. Jin tells Tenzo to take on the Mongols while he takes on the Eagle. Sometime during the fight, Tenzo becomes wounded, and almost dies at Jin's hands again, when Jin is under the Eagle's hallucinations where he is being pressured into avenging his father; however, Jin forgives him and saves Tenzo from the Eagle. Jin then kills the Eagle and reconciles with Tenzo. Tenzo heads back to Fune to tell her the good news.[4]

Jin and Tenzo meet one last time at the raider's refuge. Tenzo admits that while he'll survive just fine from his injuries, he won't be able to swing a blade like he used to. Tenzo instead opts to help those who are still hurting from the Eagle's poison and understands how Jin was cured before parting ways with him on amicable terms.[5]



  • If Jin bows to Tenzo at Fune's Refuge after killing the Eagle, Tenzo will remark that he has seen everything now that a samurai has bowed to a raider.
  • In a mission for Lady Masako, she will mention that Lord Shimura beheaded the individual who killed Jin's father. This was retconned in the Iki island expansion


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