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The Curse of Uchitsune is a Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima.


In Hiyoshi Springs, Jin listens to the musician, Yamato recite the myth of Uchitsune's longbow:

Long ago, an emperor and his palace were plagued by a winged demon. The emperor sent for Uchitsune, the most renowned archer of his time, who wielded a bow blessed by a kami. When the demon next came, Uchitsune was ready. Longbow in hand, his aim was truer and his arrows flew farther than any archer’s in Japan. Uchitsune loosed a single arrow – it pierced the demon’s heart. As it fell to the ground, it cursed Uchitsune with its final breath. Soon after, Uchitsune saw the forms of the demon everywhere. His legendary bow never missed, but each arrow that hit its mark was met with a very human scream. The trail of bodies led to his capture. Though many called for Uchitsune’s death, the emperor felt pity for him. Uchitsune was banished to Tsushima Island. He died years later, alone and forgotten by all but a few. The demon-slaying longbow has remained hidden here since his passing. Some say it awaits a worthy master, others believe it still holds the demon’s curse.
― Yamato

Jin begins his search for the longbow. At Yamato's recommendation, he heads toward the coast in search of blue hydrangeas, one of Uchitsune's favorite flowers. Jin comes across a patch of the flowers surrounding Uchitsune's tomb, wherein he finds a painting of an island surrounded by blue flowers. Upon exiting the tomb, Jin is attacked by a man wielding a half bow and wearing a tengu mask. The man warns Jin to stop searching for Uchitsune's longbow. After the man flees, Jin locates the island from the painting just off the Hiyoshi coast. On the island Jin finds another painting, this time of a mountain surrounded by blue flowers. He is attacked by the masked man again, who warns Jin that Tsushima will fall should he continue his search for the longbow. Ignoring the man's warnings, Jin travels inland toward the Jade Hills.

Jin locates the mountain and follows a trail of blue flowers up to a clearing on the cliffside. There, he finds the longbow. As he picks it up, he falls unconsciousness. Jin wakes up in a dream where he is confronted by the masked man, who turns out to be the demon dwelling within the longbow. After defeating the demon in a duel, Jin regains consciousness and takes the longbow, now freed of Uchitsune's curse, as his own.


  • Find the musician in Hiyoshi
  • Search the Hiyoshi coast for blue flowers
  • Follow the blue flowers
  • Investigate the tomb
  • Search Hiyoshi for the island
  • Investigate the island
  • Search Hiyoshi for the mountain
  • Pickup the longbow
  • Kill the tengu

Journal entries[]

It sounds like a musician is in Hiyoshi Springs. I should speak with him.

The musician in Hiyoshi is reciting the myth of Uchitsune's longbow. I should hear this tale.

In Hiyoshi, I heard a tale about Uchitsune and his mythic longbow. It's said he killed a tengu with a single arrow—then lost his mind and killed countless innocent people. If his bow is still on Tsushima, I will find it and see if it's truly cursed.


  • Uchitsune is the only central figure of a Mythic Tale that does not seem to originate from Tsushima, as he was supposedly sent to the island as an exile.
  • This Mythic Tale is one exceptional instance where something seemingly supernatural and inexplicable through conventional means happened within the game.
    • With the introduction of Iki Island expansion, however, one can assume that the supernatural happenings occurring in this Tale might be an effect of a hallucinogen, not unlike the Eagle's potion.