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The Legend of Tadayori is one of the Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima.


Yamato tells Jin the story of Tadayori and his mythical armor:

Centuries ago, Tadayori Nagao was the greatest archer on our island. Famed for his wisdom and perfect aim, the kami, Hachiman himself was so impressed, he gave the archer his armor - light and strong, beyond compare. In those days, cruel pirates raided the coast. They threatened the town of Asamo Bay with annihilation. The people fled to safety, but Tadayori faced the pirates alone, wearing his mythic armor. The pirates stormed the town. Tadayori’s arrows tore through them. Few survived, but not one blow pierced Tadayori’s armor. Years later, Tadayori died peacefully at home, but his armor mysteriously vanished. Some say his descendants guard it still, awaiting the rise of a warrior to defend Tsushima once more. The little writing about Tadayori that survives refers to a “Violet Crown,” a place in the north of Azamo strewn with violet chrysanthemums where Tadayori would often meditate.
― Yamato


  • Travel to northern Azamo
  • Search for violet flowers
  • Follow the flowers to Violet's Crown
  • Investigate the top of the Violet's Crown
  • Find the location shown on the map
  • Enter Tadayori's Rest
  • Investigate the cemetery
  • Continue investigating Tadayori's Rest
  • Defeat Kaede
  • Travel to Azamo Bay
  • Free the musician
  • Collect Tadyori's Armor
  • Defend the musician
  • Speak with the musician

Journal entries[]

Someone is rallying the survivors' spirits at a camp. Could be worth a look.

I hear there's a musician in Azamo. He's giving people hope by reciting the tale of Tadayori and his mythic armor.

The musician told me a story about the legendary warrior Tadayori. It seems he singlehandedly defended Azamo Bay using a suit of armor blessed by the kami. If this armor still exists, it may be at a place known as the "Violet Crown" north of Azamo.