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The Six Blades of Kojiro is a Mythic Tale located in the Toyotama region of Tsushima.


Jin meets up with Yamato, the musician, to learn of a deadly ronin named Kojiro, and his magical armor:

Long years ago… Kojiro was a Straw Hat Ronin. So fearsome, deadly and bloodthirsty, his own brothers turned against him. From dawn until dusk, dozens of Straw Hats fought Kojiro. He slew them all. Those who escaped that day disowned Kojiro from the Straw Hat ranks… but never crossed him again. The spirits of death were so astonished by Kojiro, they blessed his armor to grant him a tireless sword arm. He’s now more than a man – he’s a slayer of legends. When the Straw Hats betrayed our people and joined the Mongols, they welcomed Kojiro back as a brother. Five killers from the Straw Hats have joined Kojiro and sworn an oath to kill you.
― Yamato

Kojiro will grant you the honor of a duel, but you must earn that privilege by dueling the five Straw Hats who joined him. [They are] waiting across the region. He [Kojiro] said they’ll make sure you’ll find them.
― Yamato


Journal entries[]

I thought I heard the musician in Umugi Cove. I should find him.
― Jin's journal entry, before starting the Tale

The musician told me of a demon... no, a man named Kojiro who wishes to duel me. But first, I must first duel the five Straw hats who joined him. If that's what it takes, I will accept their challenge.
― Jin's journal entry, after starting the Tale


  • Players can find all 5 challenger Strawhats before talking to musician Yamato.
  • This one Mythic Tale has more duels than any other singular Tale, and is second only to the entirety of Jin's Journey which have 7 mandatory duels.
    • Since many duels in Jin's Journey are against repeated opponents (Khotun Khan, Ryuzo, Lord Shimura), this Tale still has more people to duel against.