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The Spirit of Yarikawa's Vengeance is one of seven Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima.


Yamato tells the story of a secret technique taught to members of Clan Yarikawa, known as the Dance of Wrath, a mighty attack that was used during the Yarikawa Rebellion before they were defeated by Clan Shimura:

Long ago, the samurai of Clan Yarikawa were the most skilled swordsmen on our island. In every generation, one lord was taught their family a secret: a deadly technique called the “Dance of Wrath” that could cut through any foe’s defense. The “Dance of Wrath” found its greatest master in Lord Tokiasa Yarikawa. Though beloved by his people, he resented Clan Shimura’s power. Desperate to seize control, he set off a bloody rebellion that claimed countless lives. Lord Shimura’s father and brothers fell to Yarikawa’s “Dance of Wrath” technique. But with Clan Sakai’s aid, Shimura put down the rebellion and executed Lord Yarikawa. Before he died, the traitor vowed to avenge his conquered people from beyond the grave. Now they leave offerings to his spirit at shrines in Old Yarikawa’s ruins. They beg for their enemies to die… and the spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance answers their calls with the “Dance of Wrath.”
― Yamato


  • Search Old Yarikawa for White Smoke
    • Head to the top of the hill and look southwest, then go down to the road and you'll find an offering scroll on a stone altar.
  • Search for the Mongol Camp Along the River
    • Head west along the river and you'll come across a small, burning village. Enter the village, investigate the bodies, then let the man out of the cage and speak with him.
  • Search Old Yarikawa for White Smoke
    • Go south and you'll find yourself on the outskirts of a small village. Pick up the offering on a rock, next to a lamp, then head north.
  • Investigate the Refugee Camp
    • Enter the Survivor's Camp and speak with the nearby refugees. When you find Heitaro, he'll ask you to follow him and will explain that he goes to visit a grave every night.
  • Search Old Yarikawa for White Smoke
    • Travel east towards the burned village. However, there is no offering on the table.
  • Follow the Sounds of Combat
    • Head northwest towards a small town. Go around to the back of the house until you find a small gap to squeeze under. Investigate various objects inside the house.
  • Search Old Yarikawa for White Smoke
    • Ride to the northern-most part of the investigation circle. Grab the offering scroll sitting on a rock, and you'll be directed to the final investigation area.
  • Travel to the Garden of the Gods
    • Travel south, enter the grove, read the scroll on the rock, then turn around to face The Spirit of Yarikawa.
  • Defeat the Spirit of Yarikawa - when your opponenet's health bar has whittled away to less than 1/4, the game will prompt you to use your new Dance of Wrath ability: press L1 and R1 simultaneously.

Journal entries[]

What is this rumor about Lord Yarikawa's final curse? If the musician is telling the tale, there may be something to it. I'll talk to him.

The musician told me a tale about a spirit known as "Yarikawa's Vengeance." The people of Yarikawa leave offerings to this spirit, hoping it will carry out their prayers for revenge. I should find this spirit and learn the truth.