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A Mongol named Sukhbaatar finds a way to enslave the dead

The Stranded Dead is the seventh story mission of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. The ghosts investigate Sukhbaatar's ambition to create an invisible army to take over Tsushima.

Chapter 1[]

The ghosts come upon a burning temple to investigate Sukhbaatar. The ghosts find a dying Mongol and investigate the temple for invisible spirits. The spirits ambush the ghosts and force them into combat amid the lightning storm. Using the lightning to briefly see the spirits, the ghosts defeat the spirits and talk to the Mongol, who gives them a scroll outlining Sukhbaatar's army. The Mongol soldier tells the ghosts to defeat Sukhbaatar and his army in order to let the spirits rest in peace, before passing away.

As the ghosts pass through the Torii gate, Gyozen reveals that Sukhbaatar had mastered the power to create onryo, or vengeful spirits, that followed his every order, including Mongols, samurai, and bandits.


  • Search the burning temple for the spirits
  • Speak with the wounded Mongol
  • Overcome the spirits' assault
  • Take the scroll from the Mongol
  • Travel through the Torii Gate

Chapter 2[]

The ghosts continue to a village full of restless spirits. They take out the spirits as they investigate the village and find three clues: an unfinished ofuda, meant to keep spirits away; blood stains near a window, as if someone were crawling to it to escape; and blood painting the white snow leading out the exit of the village. The ghosts follow the blood trail, defeating spirits along the way, before reaching a dead body clasping a scroll. The ghosts try to make sense of the scroll's contents, but its characters are foreign. Meanwhile, they hear the sounds of a Mongol patrol approaching, so they reach a high point for observation. They witness Mongols attacking spirits of slain samurai and have the choice to either observe or intervene in the battle. After the battle, the Ghosts search the slain Mongols and notice the insignia of Sukhbaatar. They enter the Torii gate to continue tracking down Sukhbaatar's army.

As the ghosts pass through the Torii gate, Gyozen narrates that Sukhbaatar knew no limits to increasing his spirit army that obeyed each and every one of his orders and knew no fear or sense of retreat.


  • Search the quiet village (0/3)
  • Cleanse the village of restless spirits
  • Investigate the blood stains
  • Search for signs of blood
  • Observe the Mongols from cover
  • Lie in wait for the Mongol attack
  • Observe or intervene in battle
  • Search the slain Mongols
  • Travel through the Torii Gate

Chapter 3[]

The ghosts arrive to the town of Kin, which is burning. They find that they have found Sukhbaatar's army and go to clear them from the building, docks, and burning homes. In each area, the ghosts find villagers brutally tortured and murdered and left to rot, such as burning, impalement, and dismemberment, disturbing the ghosts and accelerating the search for Sukhbaatar. After ridding the village of the spirits, the ghosts hear Sukhbaatar's voice; Sukhbaatar beckons the ghosts to go to the burning tree near the village, where he is present. Sukhbaatar states that he will make an example of the ghosts' deaths, before disappearing. His four Oni brutes quickly arrive in his place to challenge the ghosts, before the ghosts defeat them. While the ghosts defeated Sukhbaatar's spirit army and his guards, Sukhbaatar had escaped and would continue to wreak havoc if the ghosts did not put a stop to his madness.


  • Search the burning town of Kin
  • Search the building for signs of spirits
  • Search the burned home for the spirits
  • Search the docks for signs of spirits
  • Conquer all enemies
  • Search for the disembodied voice
  • Conquer Sukhbaatar's guards
  • Enter the Torii Gate to finish the story