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The Undying Flame is one of seven Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima.


Jin finds Yamato freezing at the base of Mount Jogaku – his hands too cold to light the wet wood. As Jin lights the fire for the musician, he sits and listens to the final tale:

Long ago, fire fell from the sky and landed atop Mount Jogaku. A lone warrior braved the dangerous climb and found a giant rock covered in flames. He touched his sword to the fire. Flames engulfed the steel… but left him unharmed. He created a new fighting style he called the “Way of the Flame.” The warrior took pieces of the rock west with him to China. There he sought answers about its origin from learned monks and scholars. After months of travel and research… fire fell from the sky once more. He led the people to it and showed them it was nothing to fear. For he believed the “Way of the Flame” was a gift from the heavens and he shared its secrets with all who wished to learn. Handed down through generations, the “Way of the Flame” has returned to Tsushima. The Mongols wield it against our people. But rumor says the fire still burns atop Mount Jogaku… waiting for any who can survive the climb.
― Yamato


The Undying Flame introduces a unique gameplay mechanic: If Jin wanders too far from the fire, he'll start to freeze. If you don't return to or find a new fire, he will quickly lose health and die. In order to ascend Mount Jogaku, you'll need to warm up between campsites by standing near the fires before moving on to the next camp. There's usually only one path toward the next camp, so as long as you follow the path quickly, you'll be all toasty in no time.


  • Ascend Mount Jogaku
    • Fire #1: From Yamato's campfire, climb up the rocks in front of you and run over the bridge. Kill the dog on the other side, climb the next group of rocks, turn right, and go up the hill to reach the fire.
    • Fire #2: Stand on the rock next to the fire and you'll see the next location on a distant cliff. Run forward and jump over the chasm, using your grapple hook to catch yourself on the tree. Then, climb up the cliff to your left to find the next campfire.
    • Fire #3: Look to your left and use your Focused Hearing to try to kill as many dogs as you. You can kill almost all of them before leaving the safety of the fire. Run left along the path and climb the rocks. The next camp is there, along with a samurai - talk to him while you warm up.
    • Fire #4: Take a left from the camp and run along the snowy path. On your left, climb the large grouping of rocks and use the tree bridge. Turn left and use your grappling hook to reach the other side of the gap. You'll have to light this fire (hold R2) before you can warm up.
    • Fire #5: Head straight up the rock and across the tightrope. Use the branch to your right to climb up, then grapple onto the stump that's across the gap. Use the grappling hook again on two branches and you'll reach another unlit camp - light the fire and rest.
    • The Dojo: Next, jump over the dead body and use your grappling hook to latch onto the stump in the cliff. Climb up and use the handholds to reach the top of the mountain. Turn right, jump another gap, climb a bit more and you'll come to the dojo at the top of Mount Jogaku.
  • Speak with Bettomaru - After you talk to Bettomaru, he'll ask you to pick up a piece of the “flaming” rock so he can teach you his technique.
  • Duel Bettomaru – During the fight, Bettomaru will prompt you to ignite your katana (press R1), thus showing you the Way of the Flame. When he's around 1/3 health (varies), Bettomaru will yield the duel and give you Incendiary oil which allows you to light your blade on fire.
  • Descend the Mountain and Speak with Yamato

Journal Entry[]

There's a traveler nearby struggling to stay warm. Who could it be?
― Jin

I found the musician waiting at the base of Mount Jogaku. He told a tale of an undying fire at the mountaintop and a fighting technique called the Way of the Flame. If it exists, I could harness the power of fire in my fight against the Mongols.
― Jin


  • The premise of this Mythic Tale can be considered opposite to most others, as instead of trying to secure a mystified/protected technique or powerful artifacts that the Mongols are trying to get their hands on, Jin is trying to learn a technique that the Mongols already practice en masse with the source material willingly passing on the knowledge.