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You are more than that. You are the Ghost.
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Sukhbaatar gathers spirits for his final assault on Tsushima

Tides of Battle is the eighth story mission of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

Chapter 1[]

The ghosts set out to stop Sukhbaatar by taking over one of the ships. They set sail to Sukhbaatar, getting closer to him.


  • Conquer the Mongols and take their ship
  • Enter the Torii Gate to stop Sukhbaatar

Chapter 2[]

After a day's travel, the ghosts arrive to a lone, stranded ship. They board the ship and find pirates that they quickly dispatch of. They then free spirits that are not under Sukhbaatar's control, before being attacked by the Fire Spirit in a nearby ghost ship. The ghosts quickly move to the other side of the ship to escape the Fire Spirit, before boarding the ghost ship and ridding it of spirits who are under Sukhbataar's control. As the ghosts travel closer to Sukhbaatar, Sukhbaatar warns the ghosts that his army is waiting and that once he takes control of the ghosts, Iyo will easily take over Tsushima.


  • Search the stranded ship
  • Defeat the pirates
  • Free the captive spirits
  • Escape the Fire Spirit
  • Board the ghostly ship
  • Conquer all spirits aboard the ghost ship
  • Return the ship
  • Enter the Torii Gate to stop Sukhbaatar

Chapter 3[]

The ghosts approach a beach taken over by many pirates. These pirates have assembled here under Sukhbaatar's promise of wealth. Upon retaking the beach, the ghosts notice that the beach is surrounded by a graveyard of ships, as well as three ships, each containing Mongols, ronin, and bandits. After defeating the three spirit factions, Sukhbaatar and his guards appear and fight the ghosts. The ghosts defeat them, but Sukhbaatar's spirit stays, and more guards appear to fight the ghosts. Through a hard fight, the ghosts dispatch them and cherish their victory, but realize that they are getting closer to Iyo.


  • Retake the beach
  • Search the ship graveyard
  • Conquer the Mongols
  • Conquer the ronin
  • Defeat the bandits
  • Slay Sukhbaatar and his guards
  • Destroy Sukhbaatar's spirit and his guards
  • Enter the Torii Gate to finish the story