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You are more than that. You are the Ghost.
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A warrior's presence and bearing can have a big impact on allies and foes alike.

Explore Tsushma to find items that let you personalize your appearance.
― In-game description.

Vanity Gear pertains to special articles of clothing that are found throughout the island of Tsushima. They are purely for cosmetic purposes and do not enhance abilities, skills or techniques.

There are fifty-nine (59) pieces of Vanity Gear in the game and collecting thirty (30) of them counts towards the "Slay” trophy.

Vanity Gear Locations[]

Sword Kits from Pillars of Honor (23)[]

Haiku Headbands (16)[]

  • Death (Tsutsu)
  • Invasion (Azamo)
  • Strife (Komatsu)
  • Fear (Kashine)
  • Refuge (Ariake)
  • Defeat (Komoda)
  • Peace (Hiyoshi #1)
  • Serenity (Hiyoshi #2)
  • Uncertainty (Akashima)
  • Perseverance (Umugi)
  • Survival (Otsuna)
  • Preservation (Kushi)
  • Rebirth (Kubara)
  • Ruin (Kin)
  • Hope (Sago)
  • Strength (Jogaku)

Hats (Open World - 6)[]

  • Wanderer's Straw Hat (TsuTsu)
  • Oni's Blade Straw Hat (Ariake)
  • Wood Spirit Straw Hat (Akashima)
  • Toyotama Straw Hat (Otsuna)
  • Riverbed Straw Hat (Kushi)
  • Tengai (Jogaku Temple Lake)

Headbands (Open World - 11)[]

Masks (Open World - 3)[]


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