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Yuriko (百合; Yuri) was an elderly woman of Tsushima. She was the caretaker of Jin Sakai and serving under Kazumasa Sakai. She was taught by her mother about plants that heal, hallucinate and even kill. She was alive during the Yarikawa Rebellion and believed that Yarikawa could give them trouble again.


Yuriko served under the Clan Sakai for many years. It is implied that Yuriko had a secret affair with Kazumasa after Chiyoko's death.


She tells Jin about the past during the side tales and the main mission ‘Ghosts from the Past’. She takes us to many places she would like to visit in one of the side tales called ‘The Proud Do Not Endure’. She made two types of poison darts for Jin Sakai to fight against the invaders. The poison dart and the hallucination dart, which were made from spider lilies. Both of them even composes Haiku which further revealed the past of the Sakai family. Towards the end of the side tale ‘The Art of Seeing’, Yuriko passes away peacefully after remembering some unforgettable memories she spent with the family she had served for many years on Turtle Rock Shrine above a torii gate overlooking the horizon, though the exact cause of her death is unknown, but could have been old age.


Yuriko was known to be a kind and warm woman. When Jin's mother, Chiyoko, died she took on the role as caretaker for Jin and his father. Jin sees her as a second mother and considered her as a member of the family.



  • If the player bows at Yurikos grave a visual indicator will be shown, much like with hidden altars.
    • The visual indicator is a series of flower petals which blow around the player and then off with the wind.